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Free PSP Music Downloads - Where To Get It?

Free PSP Music Downloads

There are hundreds of places you can get free psp music downloads online but many of them are outright scams and counterfeit products trying to steal your hard earned money.
There may be more, but in my view there are two types of music download services. First we have got a so-called payAndGo type site. I would say iTunes is an example of such a site (not valid for PSP owners I think, but still). These type of sites are not really free PSP music downloads sites ... I think cheap PSP music downloads is more what they offer. They are usually not too pricey but you still have to pay a price. Yak! I don't want to pay everytime I want a song...

The second type of music download services is what is called subscription services. You pay a monthly or annual fee or a one-time fee (which I usually do!) and then get unlimited free PSP music downloads during that time (or FOREVER if you go for a site that offer a one-time fee).

Free PSP Music Downloads - Words Of Warning!

Most of those so called free psp music downloads sites are illegal so I advice you to be extremely careful when exploring those sites. They also often can be recognized by slow download speeds and they may even leave your PC open to attacks from harmful computer viruses & Bad Ass Hackers lurking in the shadows.

Word of Caution; Download from these free sites at your own risk!There are however some free psp music downloads offers that are not illegal. Maybe they are borderline, but they have operated for years now and they are doing some heavy marketing. No one has managed to put them out of business yet, so they cannot be illegal. Maybe they are borderline but illegal? No... I've downloaded gazillions of games, music and videos through some of these sites and it has been super smooth. I prefer the ones that offer a one-time fee membership solution.

I've tested 28 out of the hundreds of Free PSP Music Downloads Sites out there and I can recommend these Top 3:


All these sites give you full access for a small one-time fee. These kinds of unlimited lifetime free psp music downloads will usually cost you around $40 bucks, which I really find super cheap for all the downloads they offer.

All of these sites offer a full money back guarantee.

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PS: I've made a part two of this article with info on how to sign up, download files etc. Stay tuned! :)


Where To Get Free PSP Music Downloads Part Two

Free PSP Music Downloads

Like I mentioned in my previous article on Free PSP Music Downloads, there are hundred of free PSP music download sites out there but many of them are scams. From the 28 I've tested over the last 7 months,

I Only Recommend 3:

NUMER ONE (The One I am Useing Daily And Stronly Recommend!)
NUMER TWO (I'm using this one frequently. Very Good Site!)
NUMBER THREE (Still Very Good.)

... ok... I could recommend a few more as well that I am using but I don't want to confuse anyone. These are the Absolute Top 3 in my view.

How To Get Free PSP Music:
Now... You have decided to join one of thise websites to get your free psp music downloads, free games or free videos etc. Once you have made the payment and signed up, you will be asked to download a software in order to get your free psp music downloads. Once this software has been installed, you can access the database and download unlimited amounts of music, games etc... These websites also offer a download software that transfers the files you've downloaded to your PSP.

What this software do is that it will allow you to search for Free PSP Music Downloads by artist, title and/or file type. Most of the music comes in MP3 making it compatible with any other media player as well. Some sites also have some kind of indication of seeing how long time it will take for the downloads to complete. If there are several versions of the same title, you should go for the one with the quickest download time. Obivously.

You can download as many files as you'd like at the same time, but it may take longer time as it will use more of your bandwith/download speed. I prefer downloading one file at the time, especially if they are big files, but that is ofcourse a personal choice. If it takes a few minutes just go and have a cup of coffee or a coke while waiting for the download to finish.

Once the download is completed, you open that software whichwill communicate both your PC to the PSP. Then your so calledfree psp music download will go from PC to PSP memory and willbe available to play.

The Catch:
Of course there must be a catch, I hear you say. No! ...NO!?! Millions of downloads and NO catch! Nah...Wait...Maybe there is one litle catch: You will be like a spoilt kid. You will get used to having Any Download Available To YOU - At any time...hehe. I just love these Free PSP Music Downloads....

Sure you could opt for one of those Pay&Go (Pay Per Download) sites or even use a completely free tool, leaving your backdoor open to all kinds of viruses and trojans. But personally I strongly recommend those sites offering unlimited downloads for a one-time fee services as they seem to offer the best value. If you are going to pay for "free" PSP music downloads, you want to make sure that they have got the songs that you want. And usually they have. Some offer lists, some offer "search before you buy" or you could contact support. Or... Since all these sites got a money back guarantee, why not just join and see if it is any good?

That was the tip of the day :)

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Free PSP Music Downloads - Speed & Safety

Free PSP Music Downloads

Many of us have faced problems after done Free PSP Music Downloads. Some of the problems we have faced are;

*Downloading from most Free mp3 sites is illegal and one guy I actually personally know, had to pay a 1000usd fine for downloading a bunch of mp3s from an illegal site. The music buisness is one of the migthiest businesses in the world and they have sat up their own "investigation" offices around the world to trace peoples downloading habits. They then gather evidence over time, go to the police and you are in deep shit!

*Extremely poor quality.

*Spyware and viruses installed on our computers. That sucks!

*Super Mega SLOW download speed. Oh, I really HATE that!!

*No help or technical assistance...

My recommendation is that if you are looking for unlimited free downloads, that you rather join one of the subscription based services around. The top 3 are PSPSite, This Site and This Site. Click on any of these links (there are more but from the 28 I've tested these are the best!) and you will be taken to their websites. You pay a small fee, usually around 30-50 usd (one-time or anually),and then get access to millions of free music, videos, games and more to PSP. You also get technical support and all the software and info you need to download to your PSP.

These services are faster, more reliable, legal and virus free.

Free PSP Music Downloads

Welcome to Free PSP Music Downloads !

I will be revealing some tips, guidance and help on how to get Free PSP Music Downloads. I'm a almost fanatic PSP enthusiast and I hope to share some good insights with you.

Please comment and send in your own tips and ideas :)

...YEAH; and ask questions!!

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